Snow Plowing

Your Satisfaction is Our Main Priority!

The snow plowing specialists at Green Life Garden & Landscaping LLC can get you out from under Mother Nature’s gift and on your way.

We offer both spot snow removal service and annual snow plowing contracts at prices that will not plow through your wallet. We have a fleet of snow plows, Bobcats, snow blowers that can clear your residential property no matter the depth of the snow. Where our machinery does not reach, our crew will get out and shovel. They will clear your walkway and steps to ensure that you and your customers can come and go safely.

Our services include:

We will be at your service within hours of a snowfall. We have contingency plans in place for blizzards or long-lasting snows of eight inches or more. In addition to snow plowing, we provide sanding and rock salt for private roads and lots. Our de-icing trucks can spray a full parking lot to clear up the last vestiges of snow and ice and make sure your business is accessible to your customers.


Enjoy a plush, green, and beautiful lawn, year after year, with our customized turf and lawn care programs.
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Fall Leaf Removal

Fall Leaf Removal, Gutters Cleaning, Pruning, Weed control. Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to meet you in person to provide an estimate on a weekly or bimonthly landscaping maintenance.
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We've been providing gutter cleaning, gutter screening and gutter repairs for many years. With an emphasis on customer convenience, it's our goal to gain and keep your trust through reliable and excellent gutter maintenance service.
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Pruning of tree limbs on a regularly scheduled basis will improve tree health, control growth, and enhance fruiting, flowering, and appearance.
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